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California Pretty Boy George Shira setting an example on how to relax after a hard day of No Slack humpin in the field.

Old hotel at the Langco Lagoon Antonio Grimaldi New York’s Finest looking good among the bullet holes.

Ray Schwanderlik Chicago’s Finest

Boeing Chinook Helicopter carrying a load. Watch out for the rotar wash on that thing. MoJust another way to get Blown away in Viet nam.

Leaving Hill 88 with Los Banos in the background.

Sgt Edward Wells and James Blanson

The backside of Los Banos with the Langco Lagoon in background.

Road down off Hill 88

Somebody driving a mule load of kids at the bottom of Hill 88.

Ray Schwanderlick. He looked better with his shirt on. No longer Chicago’s finest.

Hey we would like to fish like you do Dan….Got any spare grenades in your tackle box?

Christmas 1969 with Dick Nixon. Dan Stroeing (left) Roger Harshbarger (right).

and pages…

1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8