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Carpet bombed AO. Better to be looking down on it than looking up and seeing them come down.

Taking care of the NO SLACK pea shooter

Cyclo Girl trying to sell some Coca Cola or perhaps something else.

Hill 88 Welcome sign

Kentucky National Guard 155 SPs on Hill 88. They were later overrun on FSB Tomahawk.

Hotel near LangCo Lagoon

Check out the M60 Machine Gun hanging out the back door.

Cobra Gunship looking for the LOH. Photo near FSB Roy.

George Shirah whose goal for the day was to look California Marvelous. He always looked good doing any job or just walking around reminding us how handsome he was. It’s true.

Hard day of humpin’ that rucksack WILL KNOCK YOU OUT.

What is left of a helicopter in Vietnam – 1969

Jumping out of helicopters Repelling Training. Note the harnesses around the waist and the heavy glove to keep your hands from getting severe rope burns. They did not work all the time and we got burned.

and pages…

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8