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Note the barely visible line to the helicopter and this No Slacker just rappelled with his M60 Machine gun – WOW.

Rapelling and Extraction Training. It hurt because we would spin and knock each others heads. We reached a 1000 feet above ground. This is No Slack Humberto hanging from a string.

I feel like Peter Pan. Where is Tinker Bell? Dan Stroeing is at the top of the three guys flying. UH 1 was towing us on ropes. It is a frightening experience but so is getting shot at in this position.

Mackey from Wisconsin. We hung a M60 Machine gun on a strap in the rear seat. It worked well but we were quite vulnerable to return fire.

Cockpit of LOH light observation helicopter -Viet Nam. Note Revetments all around in background.

Bob Hope telling jokes. Note Cameras. Footage of this show must exist somewhere.

Bob Hope and some pretty woman who sang and danced and laughed at Bob’s Airborne jokes.

Bob Hope show Camp Eagle Viet Nam 1969

Check out the EAGLE MEDICAL CENTER at Camp Eagle.

I think there were some women up front. EVERYBODY was interested.

LangCo Village school

Who is protecting who? Dan knows who

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