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Dan humpin that PRC25 as an RTO in the bush. I was always amazed we got any communication going in the jungle cover. But it worked. Hell to hump though.

No Slack F##k Communism with original SKS rifler later replaced with an AK 47 found in enemy weapons cache.

Is that you Hannibal Hansen circa 1969?

Wish I could read the Delta Company Roster behind No Slack Dan Stroeing.

On the road below Los Banos…..what is in that suitcase?

Railroad bridge near LangCo Village. Any bombs on the track?

Bombed out bridge and the new bridge built by the Navy SeaBees, which was also bombed and destroyed. We built another bridge.

George Shirah doing his duy after doing his duty.

Captured new AK-47 later mounted on the NO SLACK F##k Communism Board.

and pages…

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8