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Abner with glasses and pipe. Walker with hat and camera and Wisconsin Houser with a beer.

Bunker Duty on the Camp Eagle Permimeter. Eugene Lee (A-2/327) left, Frank Harris (D-2/327) and Sgt. ?

Cobra Gunship in action

No Slack crew jumping off the new bridge still being built at Langco by the Seabees.

Kit Carson Scout Sam and No Slack Doty

Langco Su selling colas for a dollar each

No Slack Dan at work testing the gas mask to confirm beer could be consumed with the mask on. YES, it was a successful test!

No Slack Command Post with a little slack in its bunker.

SGT Wells 1969

SGT James Adams. Great guy and very helpful to all No Slack troops.

The tools of Harshbarger’s trade, an IBM that could wreak havoc upon you. Check out the NO SLACK R and R edict.

All American Boy drinking an All American Budwieser. Note orange barrels on helipad – Agent Orange in All American orange barrels.

and pages…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8