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Dan Stroeing on never ending No Slack sandbag detail, or is this my grave?

Firebase Los Banos. Lots of stuff 1969

Gary Wiley Delta Company. Note bandage, he had huge boils on his arm.

If you’re No Slack you don’t need no cape

M60 and No Slack scouting off Los Banos Firebase.

Merrill, a dangerous man with the haircutting shears and a cigarette.

No longer a metaphor. We will cross that river when we get to it. Ashau Valley June 1969.

No Slack Dan cleaning his weapon

SGT Adams entering the Armorer’s Lair

Some No Slacker drinking beer. Another brave No Slacker peeing into the wind and George Schearer. Note the No Slack German Shepard dog on the lower right.

Superman Humberto Hernandez. Note the CBs were rebuilding on a new bridge. 2nd bridge was blown up. This is bridge #3.

Top SGT Dearman King of King Delta. Patton had nothing on this guy, he could quote Hannibal, Marcus Aerelius and Ulysses S Grant..

and pages…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8