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Navy CB getting serious after the their LangCo bridge was blown up for second time. A little slack in the No Slack security

Dan Stroeing in the No Slack Navy – shore leave awaits

TEXAS Bookends Orin Bracewell (L) Bayport, Texas. Minnesota Dan Stroeing in the middle and Humberto Hernandez Lubbock, Texas now of Burleson, Texas

Humberto left and Kit Carson scouts in the middle – Dan Stroeing on right

Screaming Eagle News 1969

Army Newspaper November 1969 issue

No Slack Mess Hall with captured VC Anti Aircraft gun

Excellent No Slack Delta Company Trooper Larry Corbin deceased due to lymphoma caused by Agent Orange

Dan and Humberto at the Los Banos Cook shack with the King of the cook shack…..No Slack beggars Dan and Humberto begging for food and a cigar

Fully rucked and ready to go

Shaking it up for the No Slack boys at Camp Eagle

Dan’s first minutes back in America 1970

Dan emerging from the dark June 1969 – Los Banos

No Slack RTO on the Com Shack

Making a mockery of Baldwin’s authority

NO SLACK Pea Shooter on Los Banos

Antonio Grimaldi actually doing a bit of work after preening and combing his hair and doing his makeup


and pages…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7