Dan Stroeing’s Pics from 1998

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Dan Stroeing with a Cessna 185 Captured by the North Vietnamese on display at the War Museum in Hanoi – 1998

Mary at the War Museum in Hanoi, Vietnam – 1998.

Dan & Mary dine at the former Communist Headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. Unlike Colin Kaepernick, I want to sing the National Anthem and fire off some rounds at the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air. I wasn’t armed.

Dan riding a nifty little Honda 50 on the trail to Langco Beach. No mines were detonated in pursuit of checking out AO around Hill 88.

M-60 bullet holes in the wall read Humberto and Dan were here 1969.

Total  FN chaos loading the train from Langco Station to Hue. We flew by the old hotel on one of our runs to Hue or Danang.

Crossing the bridge into the Village of Phu Loc, Vietnam – 1998.