Michael K. Taylor

D Company 1968 – 1969
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Anderson_TaylorL – Kenny Anderson and on the right is Mike

I did not go to jump school. I was a leg. I went to NCO school at Benning for about six months in 67 and was sent to Fort Polk to train AIT troops for Vietnam, and to go with them. I was with the 1st Division when I got to Vietnam but was transferred to the 101st at that time. TET was going on and they needed me and others at Camp Eagle.

I arrived at Eagle around the last of April or first of May as an E5 and was assigned a Squad in D Co. 2nd 327th. I was promoted to E6 about 6 months later. I served under two CO’s and three platoon leaders while in Delta Co.  I was lucky enough to have never had a serious injury while there. I completed 21 plus CA’s during the tour and had the pleasure of serving with some of the greatest friends a man can have.

The experience of having been a combat soldier in a unit like Delta Co. gave me an insight of just how strong a person can be both physically and mentally. Our limits are easy twice what we think they are. This has helped me many times over the years and I have gone to it for strength in times of need, not only for myself but others around me. I have always said I have earned a feeling of having been tested and the protected here at home will never know.  Freedom is not free. It is fought and paid for by those who serve.

Michael Taylor (K)
SSGE6 / 68/69 tour
Occupation, Farmer/Rancher
Retired School Teacher, Vocational Education
Married 43 years (Kathy)