Nelson “Chico” Ramos

D & E Companies 1968 – 1969
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Hannibal, Do you really think you can hook me up with some of the brothers that were in D 2/327 during the airstrike?

Here’s what I can remember:
I got in country (1st tour) MAY 1968
I was processed into Delta Co. (newly formed full of cherries)
CHARGER (Col. Beckwith) – was our Battalion Commander
AUG. 3rd or 4th – 2/327 among others, went into ASHAU VALLEY
AUG. 6th – my 19th birthdate (I was Pointman that day) It had been our squad’s turn at Point.
AUG. 9th – We were ambushed, losing both our POINT & SLACK
I can’t remember our KIA’s names, but I still to this day, remember their faces.
AUG. 10th – Our phantoms dropped (2-3) 750lb. bombs on us
KIA’s – 11 / WIA’s – 57
Many of the other elements (2/327) came to pick up what was left of us. Being one of the very few survivors who was Jump Qualified, I was picked up by THE HAWK RECON (TEAM 1-2). Shortly thereafter I became Pointman for our team.
MAY 1969 – I DEROSed from our second assault into ASHAU VALLEY
(Watching the outcome of what happened at the infamous Hamburger Hill Battle while I was home, on TV) BIG TIME DOWNER

Hannibal, If you can help me out to get in touch with any of the brothers out there who might remember me – THANKS


ramos-1Bro, here’s a good picture of a cherry (FNG) with a SCARED look.

ramos4This one was after my tour with the 2/327th. I was sent to Bragg,
N.C. w/the 82nd Abn Div. Notice which patch I was more proud of.

ramos2Bro, again at Camp Eagle. Notice the cherry look is gone. See if you can see the date at the bottom of the picture. This was taken Dec ’68 and developed Jan ’69. (HawkRecon).

ramos5Chico’s Squad
Squatting 2nd from right, Nelson “Chico” Ramos (Pointman) –
Squatting next to me behind my right shoulder is Richard Lappin (RTO).
(The Thumper/M-79ner) standing behind me was Brooks from Detroit. Center front (M-60/Gunner) Joseph Mann.
Left front squatting – Hunter (Rifleman).
Behind Hunter, farthest left corner squatting, (Team Leader) Sgt Darnell.
Standing left side open shirt, Gary Bollinger from Kansas City (Chico’s Slack Man) – WIA