Thomas Taylor

D Company 1968 – 1969

Tom passed away peacefully the evening of 10.23.18. His wife, Carol, stated he was never in any pain.

We all are sure going to miss you brother, may you rest in peace.


Hello friends,

HERE is a version of Tom’s obituary that will appear in Sunday’s (11.4.18) San Francisco Chronicle.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone who you believe would be impacted by Tom’s passing. I don’t have email contact information for a lot of his acquaintances from the past.

You are all invited to attend on December 1.

With Warmest Regards,


taylorThump Gunner Tom ’68

taylor23rd Plt/3rd Squad on Hill 88 about Christmas ’68 Notice Santa Claus on the bunker.
Left: Tom Taylor – Porter in back & Bret Crandall
Right: Phil Henry?

taylor1Hill 88 – William “Sugar Bear”
Rice – B: L – R: David “Hawk” Wayne;
?; Tom Taylor

taylor3Yo Hawk, Tom – whatcha burnin’?