Jerry Hoy

E Company 1970 – 1971
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I got to RVN on 11-13-70 left 11-15-71. I was sent to Camp Eagle 11-15-70 and at that time I volunteered for Hawk Recon. Around June 15th, 1971 I was pulled from the field and was put into Headquarters on the fire bases as a radio operator and then moved up to acting duty NCO. The time I spent with recon is my proudest. After leaving recon and even now I wished I would of stayed. Only those of us that has served under those kind of conditions understand the relationships that we developed and how we feel. Funniest moment: CH-47 blowing the latrine over with Major Burns (S3) in it and him getting on the radio and telling the pilot he was Major Burns and wanted to know just who in the hell he was and after the pilot came back and told Burns it was Colonel so & so all Burns could do was to tell him to have great day. Best sound: hearing that freedom bird jet engine wind up. Best feeling: feeling that freedom bird taking off. Saddest days: the loss of some of the best men I have ever know and my other American Brothers.

Thanks again for not only being there but being a friend “No Slack” and always a Hawk!!

Jerry Hoy

hoyJerry Hoy

hoy1Jerry Hoy

hawks71Hawk Recon June 1971