Joe K. Berry

HHC & A 1967 – 1969
[email protected]


Came into country at Long Binh Repo Depo on December 27, 1967. Ten days later I was assigned to the 2/327th which then was at Song Be. Arrived at A-2/327 on January 14, 1968 in the field outside on Song Be. Also, I was at Phan Rang for cherry trainingthe week before going to the boonies.

I spent the next six months with A Company in the boonies until the end of July 1968. I then was assigned to HHC Company, 2/327th as the battalion R.T.O. on Command Net and Forward Resupply Network. Spent the rest of my tour as A.D.S.O.C. Forward Resupply R.T.O. on Fire Bases Bastogne, Birmingham, Veghel, Tomahawk, Berchtesgaden, Airborne and a few small LZ’s.

I extended for six months with HHC and DEROSED on August 9, 1969 on a Freedom Bird Home to Donna and the World.

berry1Long Binh Repo Depot

berrySp/4 Berry, a.k.a. 45 Lima

berry3“Cherry” Berry headin’ for the
2/327th in January 1968

berry2Camp Eagle 7-69 . . .
one week left!

berry4Camp Eagle sign May 1968

boom_boom“Boom Boom,” 2/327th unofficial mascot
for at least four tours. This dog flew with
our slick pilots on C.A.’s and re-supply
missions many times.

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