Ken Gates

HHC Company 1967 – 1968
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This was my first time on this site. It’s great but I have a little correction. The picture of the 327th Medics was taken in 1967 at Tuy Hoa. I’m certain of this because I’m in the top row, third or fourth from right. Some of the names are ok but the only leg I remember is the tall black guy, far right second row. His name was Brown. Was always having a hassle with pay. They kept sending him $55.00 Jump Pay and he would have to send it back. Two E6s in front row both named Clark. But can’t remember first names. Sesma was with Hawks at that time. Bagley had left B Co 2nd Plt but don’t remember where he went. I know this because I took his spot. Plt leader at that time was Bill Oberli from Ohio. Takes a lot of pieces to make the puzzle whole.