Paul E. Kossky

HHC Company 1965
[email protected]


Jump School Fort Benning, GA 2-3-63. Received wings 2-23-63. Stationed Fort Campbell after Jump School till deployment to Vietnam.

Played on the Fort Campbell Football Team 2 years – ’63 & ’64 seasons.

Shipped out of San Francisco on USNS Leroy Eltinge and landed at Cam Rahn Bay on July 29, 1965.

Our 1SGT was Pappy Grey/Gray. Looking for anyone who served with me either at Fort Campbell or in our unit in Nam.

I was blessed to be discharged at original appointed time in September of 1965 and I know all hell broke loose after I left. I have always felt that I should have re-up’d, but my wife had a baby due in October of ’65 so my loyalties were torn in both directions.

To all my comrades that I left behind, my prayers and gratitude to all of you.