Richard N. Sciulli

HHC & A Companies 1970 – 1971
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I was assigned to HHQ Co 2/327 Inf (No Slack) 101st Airborne Div (May 1970 to April 1971). I was attached to A Co 2/327 and served under the awesome leadership of 1LT Art Pappas through most of 1970 until I was extracted from the platoon due to malaria & unknown bleeding ulcer; for which I was hospitalized @ 326 Med (Camp Eagle). I recovered and was returned to a different platoon (cannot recollect), until Feb 71; at which time I drove a supply truck for one to two months, and I also ferried troops back and forth to Camp Eagle perimeter for purpose of Guard Relief. I left Viet Nam in Apr 71. I received a Bronze Star & ARCOM; was promoted to Spec 4 before departure.

I did not go to Jump School nor Ranger School. I only had 10 weeks AIT at Ft Sam Houston (May thru July 1969); then on to Ft Stewart & Ft Gordon (417th Med ambulance Co), previous to my deployment to Nam arriving in country on May 9, 1970. I married my sweetheart Shelley, in Feb 1970 (3 months before deployment). We are still married (we have no children due to infertility).  After Nam, I deployed to Ft Campbell where I reenlisted (1972), & afterward attended 91C Clinical Specialist School 1 yr @ Lettermen Army Medical Hospital (1973). I was there when all our POWs returned from Nam and they were all debriefed on the secure 10th floor of Lettermen Hospital previous to getting their final freedom to the world.  In Apr 75, I deployed w/ the 702nd Med Clearing Co (a MASH unit), to Guam where we cared for 150,000 Vietnamese refugees and processed them (Operation New Life), to the U.S.

I went on to make a career of the Army (two tours in Germany, & Korea), and I retired (SFC) 1992 Ft Benning GA. I could have easily achieved a higher rank, but the Army refused to allow me to return to college while I was on duty unless I studied to achieve an RN Degree in my MOS in order to get promoted to MSG. Instead, I majored in Business and got my B.S. degree just prior to my retirement in 1990. Well thanks to the Gulf War (Desert Shield/Storm), George H Bush ordered a military stop loss on all pending retirements and I deployed back to Germany (97th Gen Hospital Frankfurt), to help expand the hospital there from 300 beds to a 1,000 beds.  I took advantage of my additional down time (only a hundred day war), in Germany to study and obtain my Masters Degree in Public Admin, and was finally able to retire.  Upon leaving the Army, I became a Social Worker 17 yrs (GA Dept of Family & Child Svcs). I’m currently working part time as Asst Director (St Anne Community Outreach), where we distribute food & clothing to the poor.