Robert “Doc” Keck

HHC & C Companies 1966 – 1967
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101st 11/66 – 11/67 Medic HHC. Walked with 1st Plt C 2/327. After VN went to Weisbaden, Germany was with Airborne artillery until going back to states to change MOS and become a stinking leg until becoming civilian 9/71.

Married/divorced twice, getting married 3rd time. Have 2 daughters and 2 sons. #1 son was leg 91B in 10th Mtn Inf. #2 son is now 91B in 82nd Airborne. Proudest day was pinning his wings on him at Ft. Benning a month ago.

Now working as MRI tech in Tampa, FL. Have Combat Medics Badge & Jump Wings on my key chain to remind me of what and where I’ve been. And damn proud of it.

doc_keck_67Doc somewhere in the summer of 1967

doc_keck_deros_phan_rangDEROS time in Phan Rang ’67