Samuel Waymon McDaniel II

HHC Company 1971



Sp5 Samuel McDaniel was killed on FB Bihn Dihn. When the mortar exploded I took our medic from my battery (B 2/11 FA) and ran to help. We worked on Samuel, but he was hit and was gone shortly after we got to him. We helped with the others, then I returned to my howitzer to shoot illumination for the dust off. Those pictures show the mortar fire direction AND the pits, along with some of the soldiers.

I cried when I found out the names of those soldier we worked on. I have been trying to find out his name since that time. I held him and prayed for him. IF anyone wants to know the events of that night or pictures, let know.

Command Sergeant Major (Retired) H.E. Lewis
Field Artillery
[email protected]