Around the AO

A Shau Valley in ’68 – ’69

ashau2algNotice all the bomb craters on the valley floor

ashauv1A Shau from “Raspberry” Reed 1969

Lang Co

langcLang Co Village & bridge near Fire Base
Los Banos on Highway One

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Thanks to “Raspberry” Reed for the memories and some of these images

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Nuoc Ngot

nuoc_nuoc_bridge_1968The Nuoc Ngot Bridge

nuoc_ngot_kidwellIsiah Kidwell with a 1 1/2 off the bridge

nuoc_ngot68Nuoc Ngot Bridge

nuoc_ngot_kidsNuoc Ngot Kids

hawk_nuoc-ngot David “Hawk” Wayne
Nuoc Ngot Bridge

nuoc_ngot_wayneDavid “Hawk” Wayne
Nuoc Ngot Bridge

Cpt%20Seidl%20and%20RFPF%20at%20Nuoc%20NocCpt Seidl and RFPF at Nuoc Ngot


rrvalleyRoung Roung Valley
D-2/327 1969


Fire Support Base Jack

Although the 327th ABN Infantry never served on FSB Jack, it was still near our AO and supported by our other 101st Brothers. However, the HUGE 175 Gun is the focus of this page with associated comments from our Red Leg Brothers, specifically “On Time On Target” Dan O’Brien and Walter “HIGH ANGLE” Tangel.

fsb_jack_175Here is a 175 set up at FSB Jack, sometime in early 1969. A hell of a weapon that could reach out and touch someone. Off and on 8″ and 175 guns would spend time at Jack and shoot towards the A Shau area and who knows where else.

The 175mm is the most inaccurate weapon in the inventory. If you were asking for perimeter fire like Danang called for while we were at ROY, you had better hunker down in a deep hole cuz who knows where these rounds will land. The 8 in was the most accurate weapon in the inventory putting a round in a 55 gallon drum at 12 miles with perfect weather conditions.

The 175 tube had a life of 300 rounds and then had to be changed or risk blowing the breech apart or splitting the tube. The 99 pounds of powder [charge 3] stressed out the tube. A 50 foot lanyard was used to fire this animal during the day but most of us rode the beast at night using the 3 foot lanyard from the 8 in breech block.

For additional pictures of this massive cannon, check out the flicks from Fire Support Base Bastogne HERE.