No Slack Mess Hall

Camp Eagle

Img%201This is pretty much how it arrived

Img%205Jon Vermilye working on the gun

Company D may have first found the cache. Our squad was on an OP in the Ashau Valley, saw what looked like a cigarette at night, called in artillery, blew the hell out of the area, but the company got pulled the next day before we could check it out. Company C went in later & found the cache in the area we called the fire. It was quite a haul – small arms, ammo, etc, as well as the gun.

Img%202A couple of the guys helping put it together

Img%203Jon Vermilye working on the gun

Img%204nsmess1Looking across Camp Eagle from behind the gun. It was put together in front of the mess hall so the view is from there. Picture on the left was in ’68, above ’69. Notice the absents of the tents.

nsmessSouvenir from A Shau Valley – 1968

Jon%20VermilyeJon Vermilye with the finished product


 muleNS Mess Hall 1969