Fire Base Bastogne

fb_bastogneLocated in the surrounding mountains of the A Shau Valley



bastogne_1969_by_airFSB Bastogne from the air – 1969



175fireFire Mission!


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sky_craneSky Crane lifting a 155



106rr106 Recoiless Rifles



fb_bastogne3_70Fire Support Base Bastogne – 1970

These three shots are of Bastogne probably in January or early Feb. of ’71.  Though possibly as late as May. Kim Crumb E-1/327.

Top photo: Little white structure house a movie projector, which played on the white “screen” to the right…set up over the shower bunker. At upper center of base is the TOC. Hard to make out is a long Navy ‘white water’ boat hull with a cover.  This housed our water brought up from the nearby river on the east side of Hwy. 1 which passes by the base.  The Perfume River, I think.  To left of Jeep is the “Welcome to Bastogne,” sign.

Center photo: Looking south east.  Mess Hall bunker center left a couple dozen meters back behind sandbagged top entrance to an unknown bunker which is on the far side of a rifle company bunker in the foreground. ‘Hump’ in sandbags on the left of that bunker is the entrance.

Bottom photo shows ammo bunker for our small arms, grenades, etc. on near right of rifle co. bunker.  Road on far lower right (with soldier walking) was entrance to Bastogne.  The one angling up to the left from the truck ran to an artillery position. Up and right behind Jeep is the above mentioned ‘boat hull water storage.”


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