Fire Base Binh Dinh

Built by the 326th Engineers, it is listed in the book “Where We Were in Vietnam”. Close to the “Valley” and Hot. We occupied it for about 8 days and left under pressure from NVA Reg.

In July 1971 on FSB Binh Dinh my unit (B Btry 2/11) and a platoon from the 327th occupied this bald hill about 3km from Vegal. The unit had their mortar platoon with them and one of the tubes exploded killing several soldiers, two which were leaving the next few days going home. I have pictures of the platoon (before the explosion), and several members of the unit, they flew a Texas Flag above their Fire Direction Center.

If anyone knows of any surviving family members who would like pictures I would consider it an honor to send them the pictures that I have. If its any help we got hit by a Typhoon the night before the incident and it rained like it was going to turn the entire valley into a lake.

I have approximaly 20 pictures of the area around the small fire base, and many of those pictures include the great infantry soldiers from the 327th that provided us security.

I remain, a Redleg, tried and true. But there is nothing like “No Slack”. They saved my gun sections bacon, on more than one occasion.

Command Sergeant Major (Retired) H.E. Lewis
Field Artillery
[email protected]
Update 6-1-13:

The 2/327 soldier that I talked about that was killed on FB Bihn Dihn was Sp5
Samuel McDaniel. When the mortar exploded I took our medic from my battery (B 2/11 FA) and ran to help. We worked on Samuel, but he was hit and was gone shortly after we got to him. We helped with the others, then I returned to my howitzer to shoot illumination for the dust off. Those pictures show the mortar fire direction AND the pits, along with some of the soldiers. I cried when I found out the names of those soldier we worked on. I have been trying to find out his name since that time. I held him and prayed for him. IF you or anyone who wants to know the events of that night or pictures, let know.


harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20077Road out of Firebase Barbara-just west of Quang Tri

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%2000213rd howitzer section B.211 firing on a rocket position-“Known as Rocket Ridge”. Lewis’ howitzer, we were on Bastogne, firing over Birmingham

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20001-3Combat patrol – that is Lewis with his hands in his pocket – two airforce dudes they were setting out ground sensors

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20003-2Sgt H. Lewis and his howitzer “Birth
Control” on Bastogne

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20004-1Looking north from Bastogne (pure Indian country)

 harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20012Guns in full recoil, this was a contact mission for 1/327 their Bn Cdr caught a NVA Platoon crossing a rice paddy in DAYLIGHT, we pounded them

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20017Combat patrol – the dumb butt in the bonnie hat was Lewis’ rto…he dunked the radio in water and didn’t tell him…we had no como at all..outside Phu Cat

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20018Looking toward Birmingham in the distance

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20021OP Checkmate – the Bacon Saver

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20026The Bn Toc on Bastogne

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20027Taken when we left FB Barbara to head toward Bastogne – took small arms fire – NBD

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20029Taken when we left FB Barbara to head toward Bastogne – took small arms fire – NBD



harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20064Bastogne – Checkmate in the distance

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20066Projectile bunkers, after firing, no matter how tired or what time it was – we always filled the bunkers – We loved our grunts

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20073Gun section guys – sniffing around – we left a trip wire claymore for a present

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20074Checkmate under fire, this was a Chinhook dropping fu-gas on an NVA position on the far side of checkmate…the Little Ones were sneaking around-too bad.

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20082Leaving Hue City

hodge%20podge%20of%20pictures%20108Shooting for a combat assault for A-2/327

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20015Hunter killer team over Bastogne heading toward the Ah Sha

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20014Hunter killer team over Bastogne heading toward the Ah Sha

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20010A snake with 4/77 ARA-El Toro’s at Camp Eagle

riverThis is the DongHa River, west of Hue…

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20002Dong Ha river during Monsoon

snakeThis snake was part of a hunter killer team, shot down West of FSB Bihn Dihn. An infantry unit (don’t know who) secured it and rescued the pilot and his gunner.

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20008FSB Bihn Dihn

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20007FSB Bihn Dihn – Mortar Platoon

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20005Our battalion commander – it was moonson and the club was opening up soon with some fried shrimp – can’t be late for that!!! CSM was already holding their table.

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20001Lewis in middle – Gunner 3rd section – the other soldier next to gun was spc Dennis Raineri – was wounded by NVA grenade

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20001-2Lewis’ dirty butt on Bihn Dihn- we had been filling sandbags and firing for about 22 hours straight

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20081327 Mortar position and platoon toc on Bihn Dihn -notice the mule in middle of pic

harolds%20howitzer%20in%20action%20008-1B Btry Fire Direction
Center on Bihn Dihn

ammoTexas flag flying over the Mortar Toc. The soldiers died later on that day when the pit was hit.

chinook2Chinook resupply, in the distance is looking south toward FSB Vegel, the NVA were occupying it at the time.