Fire Base Tomahawk

Located off Highway 1 just south of Phu Loc, FSB Tomahawk was listed as Position #6 out of 10 and strategically significant as the “central command” for the other positions. Located within the wire was a mess hall, artillery base, radar unit, helicopter pad and other heavy equipment. In addition grunts and special ops would use the fire support base between missions.

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fb_tomahawkfb_tomahawk1E Company’s Bobby Bynum

From: Curtis Wyman ([email protected])
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Subject: Tomahawk, June 1970


I was the FO with the infantry company on FB Tomahawk when it was hit in June, 1970. I agree with your comments about the single KIA that got hit with the illumination canister. I knew the guy at the time, but can’t remember his name.

I’m trying to find more contacts from that unit. Do you have names or links that I might try? I’d especially like to find the first sergeant and the recon sergeant that came with me from the artillery battery as the FO detail.

Tonight I found the name of the CO, Capt Robert Cox. As I remember it, we came in from the boonies one afternoon and partied all night long.

The next morning the old man was sorely pissed with the level of security. A number of folks hadn’t even put out their claymores.

Needless to say he and the top sergeant kicked our asses all day long and that night when the VC hit we were ready. I think the old man saved a lot of lives that day. The only thing that I have from the war is a sapper knife that I got the next day. It came from one of the dead VC.

Please send any other info that you have.


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