1/327 Battle at My Pho – Tuy Hoa Valley


1/327 Battle at My Pho – Tuy Hoa Valley
These are the warriors who left their blood and lives at My Pho.

SP4 Norman Joseph Buell Cau. Married, age 25 DOB 9-25-40 Honolulu Hawaii

Sp4 James E. Bush, Cau. Single, age 20 DOB 7-8-65 New York, New York

PFC Phillip H. Clark, Cau. Single, age 20 DOB 2-22-46 Wisconsin rapids, Wisconsin

PFC James S. Cocchiara, Cau. age 20 DOB 12-12-45 Sprinfield, Massachusetts
Roman Catholic

PFC Richard P. Corson, Cau. Single, age 22 DOB Jul, 26, 1943 Buffalo, NewYork

PFC Stanley T. Demboski, Single, Cau. age 20 DOB 7-20-45 Jersey City, New Jersey
Roman Catholic

SP4 Reuben L. Garnett Jr. Single, Negro age 23 DOB 7-22-42 Steelton, Pennsyvannia

1st Lt. Harry M. Godwin, married, Cau. age 26 DOB 5-25-39 El Dorado, Arkansas

SSGT Woodrow W. Ham Jr. married Cau. age 26 DOB 11-25-39 Kingston, North Carolina

SP4 John M. Harden, married, Cau. age 21 DOB 2-26-45 Island Lake, Illinois

PFC Harvey W. Jones, single, Cau. age 19 DOB 1946 Fort Worth, Texas

PFC Arnell Keyes, single, Negro, age 21 DOB 5-11-44 New York, New York

PFC Jack W. Lindsey, single, Cau. age 23 DOB 5-31-42 Houston, Texas

SP4 Alberto A. Lucero, married, Cau. age 25 DOB 4-28-40 Salida Colorado
Roman Catholic

SP4 Diego Mercado, single, Cau. age 26 DOB 11-12-39 New York, New York
Roman Catholic

PFC Paul G. Parsons, single, Cau. age 20 DOB 12-16-45 Van Wert, Ohio

SP4 Timothy Ernest Quigley, single, Cau. age 21 DOB 2-18-44 Reseda California

SGT Antong Erich Reed, single, Cau. age 20 DOB 10-7-47 Newburgh, New York
Roman Catholic

FSGT Phillip K Ross, married, Cau. age 33 DOB 3-22-34 Greensboro North Carolina

SP4 James R. Scott, single, Cau. age 19 DOB 4-12-46 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

SP4 Roscoe L. Vick, single, Negro, age 23 DOB 6-14-42 Rocky Mount, North Carolina

PFC Charles D. Wadsworth, single, Cau. age 19 DOB 11-16-46 Alvy, West Virgina
Church of Christ

SP4 Michael R. Young, single, Cau. age 23 DOB 4-13-43 Newport Beach, California

There are those who die later on of the complications of the wounds received and may not be listed here; because their unit was no longer listed. I found one I knew, 1st Lt. Harry M. Godwin. We need to fill in the blanks, so if anyone knows of any of our troopers that died as a result of this battle and are not on this list, please get them to James Wainscoat, [email protected]

Following is a Poem I began after this battle and tried to incorporate the emotions of all battlefields.


Man at war with himself, turns on his human brother declaring WAR!
That damnable crucible … caldron of chemistry … called WAR!

On the Battlegrounds … the munitions wizards mix their deadly sulfur stew. And the enemy’s enemy … lurking, stalking, drunk on the devil’s brew.

Every warrior tested ….
Every longing, every desire …. arrested.
Graves or trenches, the die is cast.
Gray lifeless …… will it pass?

Then the shout, “MOVE OUT! as with dismembered hands, you grasp?
Up! Over the top! Out! Each man’s shadow obeying …….. till the last.

Body alive! Adrenaline rush! ……… Out of body? Another man’s soul?
Ears drummed by the bugle’s call, drowns out the derge’s roll.

Pointman meets the molten metal. ENGAGEMENT! ….. Not defeat.
Combat savvy, he returns fire ……. slumps …. never to regain his feet.

Deep within his sunken chest, in the heart laid to rest, beyond the wound that never mends, irrupts the sound of VICTORY! …… Not doom.

Taking their positions on the field of blood … fallen warriors baptize the ground. At ease with frozen salutes, open palms …. they give their courage, that it may abound.

Then invisible voices explode the deathly silence, courageous warriors spring to defend their fallen comrades and the belligerent FOE …. FEND!

By James Wainscoat