Glass Bottle


Erick W. Miller

Have you ever wanted to talk about something, but your topic was such a rare one that there simply wasn’t anyone around who would understand? Worse still was that no one was interested in, what to you, was the one thing that had become the essence of your being so that you wind up putting a cork in the

The problem is, that like all bottles, yours is made of glass. The bottle which I refer to is a mind, mine. The contents of this bottle have been growing and straining to get out for 27 years. I am hoping that the cork will be allowed to come out before the obvious happens and there is broken glass everywhere.

I would hate for anyone to get cut. I’m afraid that many people have already been cut on my rough edges. I am truly sorry for this and have no desire to hurt anyone anymore. Once, I didn’t have any rough edges and it was me who got hurt. I was probably a nicer person.

Complete and unedited from 5 Nov 1997 Copyright 1997 & 2003
Erick W. Miller