Life’s a Beach


Erick W. Miller

There was a place in Vietnam that I’ll always remember with a smile. I never dreamed that such a place existed in a war zone until I went there. Eagle Beach was the name of this dream-like wonderland. To us infantrymen, it was like a visit to a fairy tale.

The place was used for in-country R&R There was hot chow three times daily. There were cots to sleep on under a roof, and there were screens on the windows. There were guards in towers looking after us drunks just like baby sitters. Best of all, there was the beach.

It was like heaven after the jungle. We could run around barefoot in our swimming trunks. We could sleep straight through the night without pulling guard or KP, and we could sleep with our boots off. The only way it could have been better was if we could have been stationed there permanently like the lucky few who were, sleeping in warm, safe bunkers, miles from the real war. Oh well, someone had to fight the damn thing. Yes sir, life was a beach for some guys.

Erick W. Miller 21 Nov 1997