Phu Bai is Allright


Erick W. Miller

I entered Vietnam at Cam Ranh Bay. It was actually nice there when the sun was out.

Having said that, the permanent parties that were stationed there told me that two weeks earlier, the VC had run through the hospital shooting the wounded in their beds.

When my orders came in, they were for the l0lst and all the guys said, “Oh man!” So I flew a C-l30 up north in I-Corps. When I debarked and entered the terminal, there was a hand written sign on the blackboard which read, “Phu Bai is allright!” I thought this was some pretty sick humor, all things considered.

It wasn’t until I got back there l l months and some odd days later that I remembered the sign. I found myself agreeing whole heartedly. I finally figured out that it was written by some soldier on his way home. Yeah, Phu Bai really was allright!