Daily Accounts Of Our Troops

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Use this link for the Fort Campbell Courier News

Linda Patterson’s Meeting with President Bush

Packages for Company “C” 10/2007

Linda Patterson Meets President Bush

101 Days with the 101st Airborne Division

Once a Bushmaster, Always a Bushmaster

A Letter from Marc Hutson

Linda Patterson Honored

C Co Suffered 4 more KIA’s on 22 FEB

Bastogne Soldiers foil rocket attack

A great letter from a “Screaming Eagle”
I’m tired

Team 7

Memorial Services for our Fallen Soldiers

ASA Cities List

Christmas Photo’s From “C” 1/327th

Our Very own Hell’s Angel’s & More

Cobra Formal in Hopkinsville

1/327th Valorous Unit Award

Cobra Company Reunion in Crossville, TN 2005

Welcome to ASA!

327th Infantry Regiment Color Guard 18th September 2004 Vehgle, Holland

Worth Watching Slide Show
Turn your sound on

A 101st Airborne MasterCard Ad

A Vietnam Veteran’s letter to his son stationed in Mosul, Iraq with D/2/327th Inf. 101st Airborne

Iraqi Airborne Patches

The resolution was adopted and passed and Ashland City has officially adopted “COBRA” Company 1/327th.
Russ & Faye McDonald
Ashland City adopts army unit

Troops in Iraq read this commentary, it’s put here for you. COMMENTARY

PFC Wilson in Iraq

“Ours has always been an army like no other, because our soldiers reflect a society unlike any other. They are pitiless when confronted by armed enemy fighters and yet full of compassion for civilians and even defeated enemies.”
Quote taken from an article published in National Review by Time Magazine reporter Jim Lacey, who was embedded with a unit of the 101st in Iraq.

Letter to “No Slack Wives” from the new “No Slack Six” Commander

Iraq War Hits Castaic Family

Letter to families of the 101st, from General Petraeus

United States Central Command

Pentagon: Saddam’s sons killed in raid

Linda Patterson shares some Great No Slack Photos in Iraq


Message From Cold Steel 6

A Mom’s Diary RE: 101st departure from Ft. Campbell

Our Heroes

“No Slack” Photos


Photos, Check Them Out

Personnel assigned/attached the 1st Bde.327th Infantry Regiment wounded during the Grenade attack

Clearing Karbala
Slide Show

This poem was in a letter from a Marine in Kuwait
The Marines had heard about the anti-war protests and he and his buddies wrote this in response.

President’s Radio Address

Heroes of War
(Our own Chris Hughes)

No Slack Race Car

4 Weeks of war in Iraq 50 ENDURING IMAGES

Another Good Photo

The Men Who Won The War
An ’embed’ looks at our soldiers
By Jim Lacey

“D” Company 1/327th Iraq Photos – 1

“D” Company 1/327th Iraq Photos – 2

San Mateo County Times