C Co Suffered 4 more KIA’s on 22 FEB

Co Suffered 4 more KIA’s on 22 FEB due to an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Notifications were completed at approxamamtely 1230hrs 23 FEB 06. We conducted the Serious Incident Brief to the C CO FRG today, 24 FEB. The Memorial Service forward was also conducted today. Two of the Soldiers had NOK local here in the FT Campbell area. Currently there are no funeral arrangements.
The names of the Soldiers that fell are;

SSG Gourley
SGT Jones
PFC Morr
PFC Marion.

Also, the next Eagle Remembrance Ceremony will be held at FT Campbell Wednesday March 8th at 1740 at the Division HQ’s building. I am not sure yet if we will be honoring any of our Soldiers at that Ceremony or if they will be honored at a later Ceremony, depending on the wishes of the families.

SFC Jeffrey Mc Cool