“C” Company gets packages

“C” Company gets packages 10/2007


Once again it was very busy today. We had our resupply convoy come in and it was filled with gifts. For a fraction of a minute it almost seemed like Christmas and we were all excited to see what we got. We had to set up bouncers to keep everyone (the crowds forming by the mail area) away until we could sort through it all. It was really appreciated by the guys. Thanks for all you and the volunteers are doing for us. I cannot tell you how much it means to the guys.

All is well here just had an exciting day.

Take care




These pictures are of a shipment of packages to C Company and thought you would like to see what the efforts of all who contributed have done to make these soldiers so happy.. This is the way every mail room in Iraq and Afghanistan should look, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

With the exception of the Christmas Decorations just mailed this week and the cookies we will send later this month we will not try to do a large shipment until after the New Years due to the mail being so crowded leaving NJ for Iraq.

We are very grateful to all who helped this would not have been possible without everyone’s hard work and support.