Jersey Support: Once a Bushmaster, Always a Bushmaster

(Article taken from “The Bush: News from Iraq”)

unbeknown to most, there is a wonderful couple from Glassboro, NJ who have
close ties with Bravo Company. The bond of friendship that they have with Bravo
Company and its men stems back over the years to a time when Ed himself
belonged to the sacred ranks of our fine company during the Vietnam War. This
couple, Ed and Terry Kurth, have almost become like adoptive parents to our men.

Even though we are so very far from home, there is not a month that goes by that
we haven’t received something from this fine couple. Whether it was chili, crackers
and chocolate earlier this winter or kool-aid, nuts and canned fruit as it has gotten
hotter there, is always something special in every box.

Although it it not said enough, we want you to know that your kindness does not
go unnoticed. We appreciate everything you have and continue to do for us. We
look forward to seeing you upon our safe return to Ft. Campbell.

Bushmasters always!

Bravo Company
1st Battalion, 327th Infantry