Linda Patterson Meets with President Bush

Per our phone conversation, I am glad that you will be able to join the President as he thanks you for your hard work in support of America’s troops.

Please find all of the required information below, and I look forward to meeting you on the 26th.

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Social Security Number:
Home Address:
Cell Phone (for the day of):
E-Mail (if different from this one):

Brief Bio of yourself and the organization (Write it as if this is what you are telling me what I need to tell the President in 4 sentences)

Do you have a loved one who has served or is currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom? If so, please let me know their name, rank, duties, etc. The President always likes to know.

Please plan to arrive at the arrive at the North West Visitors Entrance to the White House no later than 9:15 a.m. The entrance is located just off of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue (on Pennsylvania Ave). I have attached a map for more detail. You will then proceed to through security and into the West Wing lobby. From there, we will take you in to the Roosevelt Room to meet with President Bush.

FYI, this meeting is open to the press.

Thank you,
Jay Zeidman

Jay S. Zeidman
The White House
Office of Public Liaison



I cannot tell you what this means to America Supporting Americans (ASA) and all our volunteers and supporters across the Country who contributed towards this great honor of ASA meeting with our Commander and Chief. ASA had heard from President Bush, Sr. during the first Gulf War who recognized our efforts during the Vietnam War and then Desert Storm. I am happy to submit the information you asked for in the following order:

Linda G. Patterson
DOB: 10/22/41
HOME ADD: 1266 Calle de Sevilla, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
e-mail same

Brief Bio:

I have led this support program for over 38 years through three Wars; Vietnam, lst Gulf and 9/ll. ASA mission is to link military units based on U.S. soil or deployed world-wide with cities and civilian organizations, civic leaders, businesses, etc. through an official City adoption, Resolutions are passed and community liaison committees are set up through the ASA program enlisting their entire community support and participation. ASA has two goals: 1) to raise the morale of America’s brave men and women “as high as the clouds” (Joe Artavia, KIA Vietnam who started this “adoption” program (see ASA history and 2) to strengthen the civilian-military bond by increasing civilian understanding of the military experience and by providing the troops with the opportunity to become directly involved with residents of a community committed to their support. ASA is on-going not just during deployments or time of war.

My love one who served in the l0lst as a platoon leader is my husband. Steve Patterson, Airborne Ranger, l0lst Airborne Vietnam ’68-’69 Steve was my brother’s platoon leader and was in the battle (firefight) which my brother Joe was KIA. Among my husband’s service awards are the Silver Star; 3 Purple Hearts and 2 Bronze Stars with oak leaf clusters. LT. Steve Patterson was assigned to be my military escort during my visit with the unit in Vietnam Christmas of ’68. This is how I met him. I was sent as an emissary of the City of San Mateo, CA which adopted his unit, A/1-327th, Infantry, lst BDE, l0lst ABN. My mission was to present to our adopted soldiers a Christmas gift from their adopted city in the form of a City medallions with each soldier’s name engraved on the back (see attached). This was after my brother had been killed in action on March 24, l968. We supported this unit until the end of the War and with the permission of then Secretary of State Melvin Laird brought the entire unit for a 3 day Homecoming, a proud mark in history for our Vietnam vets. See attached: A role model we bring American communities to follow today.

Jay, I know I sent you more than you asked for but when you have dedicated a life time to a cause, it is difficult to break it down into 4 sentences, and I will leave it up to you to pick those 4 sentences to explain ASA to the President. ASA’s efforts we feel are essential to supporting the GWOT campaign. With each bomb exploded in Iraq or Afghanistan, the terrorist not only target our warriors in the field, but they are also targeting the will and resolve of the American people. ASA’s efforts directly strengthen America’s Center of Gravity (our National Will) by creating an unbreakable bond between our Nation’s military and the free people that they serve. Thank you again for this great honor. Linda

Linda Patterson, President & Founder
(310) 459-5625

General_Wright_Linda_Patterson_City_Homecoming_for_adopte_smSan Mateo and Burlingame:
This is a reflection of years of support and pride in support of our American servicemen and women. What an opportunity to tell ASA’s history and grassroots to the President of the United States. I hope you can spread this news among your community citizens to look upon this as a privilege and for America Supporting Americans (ASA) recognition and grateful appreciation coming from the highest office of our Country, nonpolitical but recognition by America’s Commander in Chief for our years of support for our servicemen and women. through 3 wars, Vietnam, Desert Storm and September llth. When duty calls, we have not wavered and San Mateo and Burlingame you have always been there. ASA’s long journey has reached the Whitehouse and make no mistake they will learn about you. I hope you’re as proud as I am…Linda

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