Linda Patterson’s Meeting with President Bush

The President spent an hour in a private meeting explaining how vital our support program was to the nation and our troop’s morale. It was an experience I will never forget and am grateful to all ASA volunteers and supporters throughout the years who brought us to the White House. I considered ASA extremely privileged that out of the handful of organization’s leaders who attended this meeting to be recognized by the President (all of which I would add do an awesome job of supporting our troops today) he called upon just 5 of us, Gary Sinise (LT DAN Forrest Gump) and three others. ASA was among the 5 asked to explain our program. I can’t tell you how proud I was to tell our President and the group that our “first city adoption” began with a unit of elite 10lst fighting in Vietnam and explained the pride and love that developed for that first adopted unit and continues to the unit now serving in Iraq. I was pleased to see the smile on the President’s face and the surprise look of the others.

One last note, while being interviewed by the press on the White House lawn I began by saying of course what an honor it was to meet with our President but that our program began in the “rice paddies and jungles of Vietnam”¦a fact that I will always make public as a reminder to the American people, that indeed “one city” had the intestinal fortitude to stand and support a great generation of soldiers and contrary to all the political turmoil and dissention, we recognized our troops bravery and sacrifices with a clear vision of how to separate the War from the Warrior.

What we do today is because of what all of you did “Yesterday” — Damn proud moment for your ABU Sis!

Linda Patterson, President & Founder
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Meeting With The PresidentMeeting With The President

Outside The White House after the MeetingOutside The White House after the Meeting