First Battalion Prior to Deployment

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Photo’s contributed by Henry B. Morton

marcus_w_hansenMaj. Marcus W. Hansen
Executive Officer

james_wilsonLt Col James R. Wilson

john_dobrenskySgt Maj John Dobrensky
Sergeant Major

george_shevlinCapt George L. Shevlin
CO, Hq Co

groupCapt Robert L. Lawrence, S-4;
1st Lt John H. Dorland, S-3 Air;
2nd Lt James M. O’Bryan, S-2;
1st Lt Robert S. Metzger Jr. S-1

leo_smith1st Sgt Leo B. Smith
1st Sgt, Hq Co

donald_hilbertCapt Donald A. Hilbert
CO, A Co

duane_finley1st Sgt Duane Finley
1st Sgt, A Co

james_nicholsCapt James M. Nichols
CO, B Co

northern_woodall1st Sgt Northern Woodall
1st Sgt, B Co

allan_de_grawCapt Allen C. DeGraw
CO, C Co

john_russ_mc_donaldSfc John R. McDonald
1st Sgt, C Co

handshakeThe SFC is Anderson, PS6, 1/B/1/327th at the time of deployment.