It Don’t Mean Nothin’ 1



davis_wall1A couple of my pictures from this years Run For The Wall ride to Washington DC. I am the good looking one on the far right of the group photo and then rubbing the name on the wall.
John Davis No Slack C/2/327


Richard POPS Gerhard B-1/327

scales_sonD-2/327’s Jim Scales with son Chris at Devils Tower headed for Sturgis.

scales_shirtJim’s shirt says it all. No Slack!

dmorsDMOR Ceremony June 14, 2002, Fort Campbell. L-R: Eli Haggins, David Markham, Russ “Top” McDonald, Dale “Hannibal” Hansen and “Yankee Jim” Simchera

patti_yjPatti and her Assistant Gunner Yankee Jim Simchera in the Charlie Co. “No Slack” Arms Room, June 14, 2002


Attended an FBI conference in Bern,Switzerland and did SWAT training with two different Cantonal Police Departments. Check out my issued uniform I’m the on left; middle guy Sicherheitdienst Chef, Kantonspolizei Aargau; on the right is my SWAT commander from Gallatin PD. We’re armed w/SIG P-228’s.) We are at an Army installation in Lutzisteig, near the Lichtenstein border. Tough guys, the Swiss polizei.

I was XO, Bravo Battery, 2/11th FA. 2/11th FA was the DIVARTY 155mm BN. DIVARTY had three other organic BN’s, 105mm, and an ARA BN. I was in-country AUG 68 to Aug 69. I was on FSB Georgia, LZ Sally, Jack, Whip, Lash, Bastogne, and Currahee. My battery was one of eight that took part in the assault on Dong Ap Bia. We probably shot a time or two for you guys in the 327th. Hope we were accurate and ON TIME! (OUR MOTTO).

I am the police chief for the City of Gallatin, TN. We are NE of Nashville. Web site is

Walter Tangel

img3Teresa And Rick Salazar

img4Little, Salazar & Noonan

di_dewDianne and Dewey Smith, notice if you will who does the work around the ole homestead, but to be fair it may because of the project Dew has been working on for the past few years. Check photos below, we will bring updates as the project is completed.

dew_mustangJust before work started, and Dianne threw it out of her garage.

dew_carThe body work is coming along nicely and it is being kept at the garage of Tony Joseph, Head Mechanic and “Chief” Technical Advisor. By the way, the reason Dewey
calls him Chief is that he is mostly American Indian and his best “civilian” friend.

power_plantThe Power Plant has been completely rebuilt and ready to go.

carDewey just may have it ready by the 2003 reunion at Crossville. Can I drive it Dew?

dew_mustang_lgI told you I would get done with her one of these days.