It Don’t Mean Nothin’ 11


POW_MIA%20FlagPOW/MIA 10th Annual Ride for Freedom
Awareness Ride for the POW/MIA Issue

dj_pow_mia_run_2007_lgDavid J. getting ready for a ride with 300 other veterans on their bikes to remember and honor our POW/MIA’s

britt_pow_mia_run_2007_lgBrett, friend and co-worker

173rd_pow_mia_run_2007_lg173rd Veteran’s handmade cart

pow_mia_run_2007_lg173rd Veteran’s handmade cart

pow_mia_run_2007_2_lgOne side of the registration area

pow_mia_run_2007_3_lgOther side of the registration area

dj_britt_pow_mia_run_2007_lgDJ & Brett just arrived at park for Memorial Service

dj_britt_jim_pow_mia_run_2007_lgDJ, Jim and Brett
Jim was instrumental in setting up the bike run and getting the word out.
This is an annual event.

george_pow_mia_run_2007_lgGeorge, an old classmate of mine It seems. I run into George every 5 years or so and this time I got to meet his wife, but didn’t catch her name. George if you see this send me an email so I can add her name……..