It Don’t Mean Nothin’ 13


The fellows from Charlie Company 1/327 challenged, Bravo Co 1/327 to a fishin contest in Tampa 2005 at the 101st National reunion there. It must got good to them as they put out the challenge again.

The pictures are of the second contest in Brownsville Texas 16 Jan thru 21 Jan.

B/1/327 was represented by Kert Southerland of Louisburg NC, Jim Gilmore of Lombard Ill, Larry Cole of Jacksonville NC and me, Martin DiOrio, the bastard doorgunner from A/101/AHB “Comancheros”, Cleveland Ohio.

C/1/327 had a whole bunch of guys. I hope I don’t forget anyone. There was Walt Jackson, Pat Rohan, Roy Aguerro, Roger Morris, John “Doc” I forget his family name shame on me, Pat McMannus and I forget who else.

We also had a lone Marine with us as our Bodyguard.

I thought I would send this along to establish contact and maybe grow the group.

Martin DiOrio
A 101 AHB
Comancheros 1970

Roger Morris also sent captions for the photos shown below……….

fishing%20017_lgTaken at Palace Inn Motel:
Left to right kneeling: Pat McManus, Roy Aguero, Jim Gilmore, Martin DiOrio,
Left to right Standing: Larry Cole, Pat Rohan, Phil (Zeke) Blevins, John (Doc) Blair, Roger Morris, Kert Sutterland.

fishing%20021_lgPhoto taken at Progreso Mexico.
L/R: Roger Morris, Pap Rohan, * Kert Sutterland, Walt Jackson, * Martin DiOrio, John (Doc) Blair, * Jim Gilmore, * Larry Cole. * B Company Lads who honored us with their participation!Pat McManus and Roy Agueo didn’t make this photo for some reason (probably AWOL)

fishing%20032_lgPat McManus, Bobbie McManus, Walt Jackson

jan_trip_lgFlying the colors on the beach!

mexico_lgIn Mexico at the Company Watering Hole.L/Right: Kert Sutterland, Larry Cole, Jim Gilmore, (Standing) John Blair, Martin DiOrio, Roy Aguero, Roger Morris, Walt Jackson, Pat McManus, Bobbie McManus, Pat Rohan, Phil (Zeke) Blevins