It Don’t Mean Nothin’ 14



I just returned from the Tiger Force Reunion in Deadwood SD, It was great, 21 Tigers showed up. Since my last update in 2003, I have been training Iraqi Army and Afghanistan National Army soldiers from 2004-2007. I am now fully retired, doing Grandpa things and Golfing.

“Above the Rest”, Jean Soucy


In early September Ed and Terry Kurth invited Dewey and Dianne Smith, and David J and Cathy J Markham to a mini reunion at their home in NJ.  We have been getting together every year since we all met in Cattlett, Virginia many years ago.

Always a good time, this year added some excitment, Ed pulled out a old photo album of his family and we were all astonded to see the above Civil War photo.

Dewey commented at how those pictured looked an awful lot like the six of us, and what would be the chance of us all being related. Of course, knowing that Dew is a rebel and Ed and I are yanks, we all thought that this was a distinct possibility.

Well, now that I am done with that silliness, please check the rest of our photo’s.

dave_dianne_dew_lgDavid J, Dianne & Dewey

dew_dianne_cathy_ed_lgDewey, Dianne, Cathy & Eddianne_cathy_lgDianne & Cathy

dianne_dew_cathy_lgDianne, Dew & Cathy

ed_terry_lgEd & Terry