It Don’t Mean Nothin’ 5


top_memorial_wall_jackie_huffTop McDonald found this memorial in Phoenix, AZ. He is pointing to Jackie Eugene Huff’s name, Jackie was an original “COBRA” Company Trooper.


So it had been roughly 38 years since I last saw Jeppeson, and I saw Rion last year when he passed through Santa Fe. But this is a picture to let folks who knew us in the 67/68 circa to see that we are aging well.

Try to compare this with the image that the Hollywood film’s portray of the Vietnam veteran. We have all been married for many years, have stable relationships. Have children. Own homes. Have contributed much to the society outside of our servitude to our nation.

pet_parade_cropErick Miller in early February, 2007 at the Pet Parade in his Mobile Home Park (Raindance) in Apache Junction, Arizona. Erick said that he caught this Black Rat Snake 11 years ago.

ken_potts_1The mother was killed raiding livestock in Northern Thailand. Cubs were saved by my friend who will turn them over to Animal control authorities for placement in a zoo.
Ken Potts