It Don’t Mean Nothin’ 6


I have bad news to share with any and all of you who remember Fred (Doc) Tomlin from 1/327 tour 67 – 68 and/or Reunions he may have been at over the year’s, like K-Dog’s Cobra Co. Hookup in Va. 2000, before It was moved to Cobra Lake in Tenn.

manassas_reunion_2001_lgFred Tomlin and Doc Nelms

Doc Tomlin and Doc Nelms looking like a couple of heavily armed and confused 🙂 from the smoke 🙂 out laws? Tomlin is the one sitting in his lawn chair 🙂 with that (far away look) on His Face 🙂 or? that, wait a minute, Guys? Let me get this thing up? here ! Now ? 🙂 But, comfortable and among frend’s and comrads and no worry’s I don’t mind saying that both of these Guy’s are two of my favorite Men. I know that a lot of us feel the same love , trust and respect toward them as I do… This is about Doc Fred though, I was talking with him earlier today and he asked me if I would get word too as many folk’s as I could, that know him, knew, shared, served or partied with or even fought with him, or even shot at him, in the past . 🙂
Doc Teeters

Patti and I went to Savannah, GA to meet up with some of the men I served with in A Co. No Slack 1969-70.
No Slack!
Yankee Jim

dennis_sandra_lgDennis (LT 2nd PLT) @ Sandra

doug_bergaman_lgDoug Bergman (LT 1st PLT)

a_co_ns_lgA Company- No Slack!

john_sandra_dennis_doug_lgJohn Coleman (2nd SQD 2ND PLT)
Sandra and Dennis Sheridan
Doug Bergman

jesse_frank_seeman_lgJessie and Frank Seeman
(3rd SQD 2nd PLT)

frank_john_dennis_yj_ltd_lgFrank, John, Dennis,YJ
and LTD

patti_sandra_dennis_lgPatti Simcherra, Sandra
and Dennis Sheridan

sandra_dennis_sherridan_lgDennis and Sandra