It Don’t Mean Nothin’ 7


ken_gow_r_lee_ermey-lgKen Gow and Marine friend, more commonly known as Gunny R. Lee Ermey

Texas%2007_lgSee text below

Front row left to right: Roger Morris, Roy Aguero, Walt Jackson
Standing: Ernie Salinas, Dan Porter, Phil (Zeke) Blevins, Pat McMannus, John (Doc) Blair

Also wives attended except for mine and Roy’s. Pat Rohan and a few others had to drop out because of emergencies at the last minute but we stayed in constant contact with them and a bunch of other brothers during the entire time. Sometimes we had three mobiles going talking to folks.

We’re going to do it again next year in January. That’ll be the third one and we are expecting some others to attend.

In addition, Pat McMannus is going to pick me up in KC in Aug and I’ll spend a couple of days with them then ride to the Omaha reunion with him and his wife Bobbie. After visiting kin-folks in Missouri I’ll fly down to San Angelo and Spend some days with Roy and Diana Augero in the famous Goatrope Texas.

All I can say is, what with being retired, my wife and I being in good health, and all my travels, LIFE IS GOOOOOOD!
Roger Morris

196_%20guideon_returned_by_marine_lgSteve Patterson and Rick

blackhawks_approach_lgBlackhawks Approaching

rick_linda_lgRick And Linda Patterson

steve_linda_with_dmor_lgPhotos taken at Fort Campbell, KY
Week of the Eagles & DMOR ceremony and in Washington, DC 2007

rick_jim_del_lgRick Smith, Jim Grainger and Best Friend Del Ayers while training at Ft. Campbell in ’66 with LRRPS 75 Rangers as Medic. All live in Tucson, Phoenix area.