It Don’t Mean Nothin’ 8


These photos are the reason for our hurry up trip to Washington D.C. last week. Found out that the son of my fireteam leader SGT. Clifford McRoberts was going to be in Washington during Spring Break with another family so I had to be there as well. Took me 36 years to to locate Jay and figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to at last meet him face to face and tell him about his dad. Jay was only a little over 2 months old when his dad was killed so he never knew him. I had to make the trip because “SGT. Mac” saved my ass more than once and I still owed him a bottle of Cutty Shark Scotch I promised him when I left the platoon in January of 1966.
John Pagel

j_pagel_1_lgMemorial outside the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery

j_pagel_2_lgSGT Mac’s son Jay and grandkids Keelyn and Caleb.

j_pagel_3_lgSame as the photo on left with Becky, Jay’s wife.

j_pagel_4_lgJay taking a sip of the Cutty Shark.

j_pagel_5_lgJohn Pagel taking a sip.

j_pagel_6_lgJay and I giving the rest of the bottle to SGT Mac.

j_pagel_7_lgWe left the empty. The leaves under the bottle were placed there by the
youngest daughter as a gift because we had forgotten to bring flowers.

j_pagel_8_lgKeelyn and Caleb with their grandfather.

j_pagel_9_lgGetting a rubbing of SGT Mac’s name from the Wall.

j_pagel_10_lgBecky and Jay in front of Panel 5 East.

j_pagel_11_lgAll of us by the 3 man statue with the Wall in the background.

j_pagel_12_lgAll of us by the 3 man statue with the Wall in the background.