Looking for Lost 327th Brothers

I am in the Private Investigations Business and would be willing to help you guys in locates of our brothers out there that need to be found. I am not half bad at running down missing persons and in these cases it is not like the people are trying not to be found.
I would need as much info as you would have available, FULL name, Social Security #, Service #, some type of past living (home town) heard he moved to Texas, worked in Mobile, things like that. I cannot promise miracles but after having read some of the posts where people are trying to find people who served with their sons or husbands it might just help.

Oh, I forgot to mention the cost, the same as it was over Nam, a smile, and fraternal friendship, OK, maybe that is too much to ask, a smile would do. Just my way of trying to contribute.

Medic- A Co 2/327 th Duc Pho era

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I am a former SF soldier, now in the JAG corps (back injury). I am an E-7 on active duty, and 1 year from retirement. I recently returned from Afghanistan.

I am writing to see if you have any info on a true friend of mine whom I believed served in 2nd Bn, 327th Inf. He was drafted and served in Vietnam for at least 2, possibly 3 tours.
His name is Larry Keese (Possibly nicknamed “Bones”). He was drafted. He states he was initially an Asst M60 Gunner, then an M60 operator, then a Co RTO.

I was young when he returned from Vietnam, He bought me my first Motorcycle. Most recently we completed restoring my old Harley together. He is a righteous brother, and I wish to learn some more of his and his units experiences. He has often opened up to me, but is fairly humble when speaking of his duties as an infantryman.
Any info on his unit of assignment would be appreciated.

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I’m looking for anyone who knew either of my parents in Vietnam. My father’s name is William Charles Martindale (he was probably called either “Bill” or “Charles” by his friends.) I believe he served in the 101st Airborne from approximately 1967-1969. We were reunited in approximately 1995, but sadly he passed away last year. I’m looking for friends who can share some stories about him back in the days!

My Vietnamese mother worked as a secretary in Long Binh, where she met my father. Her name is Anh Thi Hoang. She tells me that she had many American friends while she worked there.

If anyone knew either of my parents, and have some stories to share, please feel free to contact me.

Thomas Martindale Hoang

Can you help me locate one of your PIOs, SSG Art Campbell. Would you please post this picture of him on your website. He left the 327th and became the PIO Lab Sgt. at Phan Rang during my tour (67/68). I have attached a photo of Art when he was doing PIO work with the 327th. I need to get in touch with him badly. He has many of my Vietnam photosand slides and I sure would like to get some of them back. We were good friends and I hope he is still alive and kicking.

Jerry in Montana
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art_campbellSSG Art Campbell

My friend Brian Wallace is listed as one of your members. I played football with Brian in high school. He was one great guy. I was wondering what info you guys have that you could share with me.
I served with the 47th scout dog platoon in ’69- 2nd brigade 101 airborne.

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 John Ansell A-2/327 KIA 5-2-68


I have had this picture since 1968…sent home to me by Johnny….don’t know who they are….
put it out PLEASE to A 2 327th..lets see who we find..

Dava (John’s widow) [email protected]

Sgt. Jay Thompson

My father was Sgt Jay Thompson…he served in the 2nd BN 327th..in March of ’66 he was wounded in action resulting in the loss of his right leg (blown off by grenade if you can believe it)…prior references stated he was in area or actually at Tuy Hoa when it happened.

When my father was wounded he was actively engaged with “Operation Harrison”. The date of his wounding would be either March 6, 10, or 13th….some confusion on this part but it would have been early part of March. Additional info is that his injury was unusual in that the grenade blew off his leg at hip….in other words a complete separation of leg at hip…not lower leg or amputation by docs…a complete separation. I’m interested in any information or contacts concerning my father and the time he spent there. He survived and raised three sons who all served with honor in the Army….all airborne. Unfortunately he died of cancer in Feb ’93 and to this day I wished I had engaged him further on his past. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Jay Thompson Jr.
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Previous Command Sergeant Majors of the 327th Infantry Regiment

The Bastogne Brigade has embarked in an ambitious reserach program to recreate the historical record of SGM/CSM’s of the 327th Infantry from March 1942 to the present. References from Pratt Museum, unit historical records, and most importantly, veterans and supporters of the Bastogne Brigade will make this project a success. If you have any information or corrections please contact 1LT Shaun Reynolds at [email protected], or mail information to:

ATTN: 1st BDE S-5
1LT Shaun Reynolds
Bldg 3780, Indiana and 53rd St
Fort Campbell, KY 42223

SGM Dune
1965-1966 (VN)

SGM Prieto
1966 (VN)

SGM Young
1967 (VN)

CSM Huff
1968 (VN)

CSM Grady Trainor

CSM Harvey Applemen
1974 – 1977

CSM JD. Corbett
1977 – Aug 1978

CSM Richard Turner
Aug 1978 –

CSM Alfred Walker
Early 1980

CSM Fritz Hitzler
1983 – 1987

CSM Grady Sanders
1987 – 1990

CSM Robert Nichols
1990 – May 1994 (DS/DS)

CSM Charles W. Fitzpatrick
June 1994 – May 1997

CSM Jon Cornett
May 1997 – March 2000

CSM Charles Spears
March 2000 – May 2001

CSM Bart E. Womack
May 2000 – June 2004 (OIF)

Ernie L. Moore . . . can you help?

According the the Intel we have received from his widow….Ernie L. Moore arrived in country July 1969 and was assigned to the 2/327th, Bravo Company. Sometime in April 1970, he and a few others from the 2/327th were sent to the 3/506th Currahees for the Cambodia campaign. Sgt. Romo, PSG, 2/327th, also transferred with Ernie. Romo was a guy from Mexico City and a real infantry leader…balls of steel. We didn’t know him either at the time. He stood up with his shaved head and directed fire the first three days of action. No Fear!!

We didn’t know Ernie since he was with us for literally a few days. The Currahees of the 3/506th made a battalion combat assault on May 5, 1970 across from Pleiku due west into the Se San Valley of Cambodia. The stuff was hot from the get go. We immediately made contact and captured a few gooks. I remember one was on a bicycle with a radio.

No doubt Cambodia was a haven for the NVA. We made contact daily during the first four days. On May 10, 1970, Bravo Company walked into a battalion size ambush. We were engaged from 1000 hrs to approx 1900 hrs. We lost 8 fine men that day and 27 wounded. I was wounded that same day.

Ernie L. Moore was KIA May 10, 1970. Ernie was born in Muskegon, Michigan and moved to Spring Lake, Michigan a few years prior to his deployment to Vietnam.

Ken Gow, No Slacker, was kind enough to respond and offer some info two months ago. He thought he knew Ernie, but no dice. Gow did mention that he knew of some No Slackers who were to be transferred to another unit and he was glad he didn’t go. Apparently, some No Slackers knew it was going to be a bad scene. He mentioned that some seasoned grunts were tapped for the assignment. Ernie had been in-country 301 days when he was KIA’d.

That’s about all I have on Ernie. Surely, someone from the 2/327th remembers him. Romo does recall seeing him and has spoken to his widow. There’s got to be someone who was tight with Ernie who could shed some light on his Vietnam experience. Romo was involved in taking bodies wrapped in ponchos to the medivac choppers the following morning…11 May 70.

We also received some transferrees from the Big Red One at the same time. Wild times!!

Ernie L. Moore is honored at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on panel 10W, Row 014. He’s interred in Spring Lake, MI. You’ve got the pics.

Rich in H-Town
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From: Kimberly Extine
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 10:00 PM
Subject: Harley Extine


I am in search of men who served with my father Harley Extine when he served in Vietnam. He was an E6 at the time (retired CSM) and served in the 2d Battalion (Airborne) 327th Infantry, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne.

Can you be of any assistance? I appreciate your time and dedication.

Thank you sir,

Dr. James and Kimberly Extine

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