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Contributed by Dan O’Brien & Walter Tangel

175mm175 mm


blaze_ace_of_spades_gary_scogginsBlaze Ace of Spades
Gary Scoggins

pure_HellPure Hell

resupply_dayResupply Day At Arty Base


Walter Tangel was XO, Bravo Battery, 2/11th FA. 2/11th FA was the DIVARTY 155mm BN. DIVARTY had three other organic BN’s, 105mm, and an ARA BN. I was in-country AUG 68 to Aug 69. I was on FSB Georgia, LZ Sally, Jack, Whip, Lash, Bastogne, and Currahee. My battery was one of eight that took part in the assault on Dong Ap Bia. We probably shot a time or two for you guys in the 327th. Hope we were accurate and ON TIME! (OUR MOTTO).

The picture is of me at my usual post, the aiming circle. Taken at FSB Jack, early (Feb?) 1969. Note the guidon is red.

I belong to the 187th Rakkasan Association, Samurai Chapter. It seems they don’t mind cannoncockers who shot for them to hook up with their association. It is great to be part of the Infantry brotherhood, even if all I did was pull lanyards for a living!