War Dogs Support Group Photos

dogs_24“Reaction Force” see Bruce on the
right he is a lab versus a German
Shepard that we used in scout
dogs. Labs worked on ground scent,
Shepard’s worked on airborne scent.
Bill Bodar

dogs_25Rolf checking out a rice paddy near
Phu Bai. He was heavily out numbered and left soon after.
Bill Bodar

dogs_36Eagle Base Camp for 42nd IPSD looking down from 1/327 mess hall. Notice Helo pad in background. It was always being rocketed.
Bill Bodar

dogs_38A resupply bird somewherein the
mountains near FB Bastogne.
Bill Bodar

bodnar_rolphBill Bodnar and Rolph #K086.
He along with my slack man were
killed on April 17th 1970. We were
both medivac’d to Phu Bai where
he died.

trail_meetBravo Co, Platoon Sgts. meeting on
the trail. Capt. Feliciano was the
CO. The one Sgt. at 1 o’clock
position was from San Francisco
and he was a fire fighter. Bill Bodnar
& Rolph worked with Bravo Company
many times during late ’69 and early

chopper_padChopper pad above our kennel after
a rocket attack

155_battery175 Battery near the Eagle Mess

69_monsoon’69 Monsoon aftermath of main road
on the way to PX

uso_show_eagle_70USO Show at Camp Eagle 1970

577_combat_tracker_teamRolf and Don with members of the
577 Combat Tracker Team working
as a “quick reaction team” to track
down the enemy after an ambush
was blown. Rolf is the Shepard and
Bruce is the Lab.

Lou Caputo is Bruce’s handler the
other men our slack men who work
on his team.