We Continue To Serve

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SRA%20Alfonzo%20Ortega_lgRene Aries son SRA Alfonzo Ortega
USAF 332 ECES/Fire Dept. APO AE 09315-9997

In training over there to become a medic now also near 101st has met some present Abu’s.


My son did 4 years of enlisted time, got out, got married, went to college and got a degree in International Relations this past December, applied for OCS, started in June and graduated on Sept 6, this year. In the top photo I am pinning my original 1967 jump wings on him in summer of ’94. Bottom picture is the old man pinning the brand spanking new LT bars on him. Things came full circle I guess.
Roy Aguero C 1/327 Goatrope, Texaslt_bars

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We were at her house this AM dropping off the granddaughter and were leaving the parking lot when she comes running out and waving at us. It seems Shane called just as we were leaving so we were able to speak with him for about 2 minutes. He was saddened over the loss of his men but he also sounded strong. We all knows how that feels because we have all been there.
Thanks for the prayers and keep them up. Roy

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Here is picture of my son Mike at the West Virginia War Memorial. He is in his 8th year in the Air Force. He is with the Red Horse in Osan, Korea. Thanks
Paul Shaffer


This is a group picture of my son Nelson Lonnie Ramos with his buds (he’s on lower/right) who are presently in Iraq. He’s a Senior Airman with the U.S. Air Force. Also has done tours in Uzbekistan and Kuwait. The other pictures were taken in Kuwait.


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he attended private schools. Wanted to make sure he got a good education and was fluent in english. After a year in UPR (University of Puerto Rico) he felt compelled to follow my footsteps and serve his country. I advised him that if that was really what he wanted to do, to go Air Force so that he’d have good cilvilian job market related skills to fall back on once he got out. His goals are to pursue and further his academic studies, and going OCS if he makes the Air Force his career.

His mother and I are extremely proud of him.

Chico – 2/327th, Hawk Recon, Pointman, ’68-’69


Brian is an SFC in Special Forces in Afghanistan. He was told to stop shaving and not to get a haircut a month before they went over there in November. Seems to me that the uniform would give them away – but what do I know.

Chris comes home from Iraq for a two week leave about Feb 28. I probably wont get to use my damn boat the whole time – he will have it. I use to be able to take him in a fair fight.

No Slack
John Dorsey
A-2/327 ’65-’66

rochasmrocha1sm rocha2smEddie (D-2/327) Rocha’s son Terry just after graduating from Fort Benning’s Infantry AIT. Terry is serving in the Kansas National Guard.