Jerry A. Camp

D Company 1969 – 1970
[email protected]

I arrived in Vietnam November 21, 1969 and was assigned to Delta Company. After a few days at Camp Evans and a day at Eagle I met up with the 1st platoon near Phu Loc. Spent a lot of time in the lowlands and occasionally participating in a CA to the mountains. We also spent time at FSB Tomahawk.  I was in our gun team and carried the M-60 for a while. I was priviledged to work with some of the  greatest Brothers ever. I only wish I could remember names. I remember nick names but given names have faded. Would love to visit with these guys again.

The latter part of Sept. 1970 I, along with a couple of others from our company were able to transfer from the field and join a security platoon at Camp Horn in DaNang. That assignment lasted until DEROS, the 1st week in November. I then received orders to serve out the remainder of my active duty at FT. Benning, Georgia. That took me until June of 1971.

I am retired and living in Taylorsville, Utah with my wife of 45 years.

BTW: Some of the names of those Brothers, that I served with that I remember are as follows. Sgt. Miles Wiegand, Lt. Packard, Cpt. Cox, Sgt. “Sue”, 1st Sgt. Dearman, Sgt. Maples, Sgt. Skinner, Grice, D. Ashley, Burns, “Pineapple”, “Coonrod”, “Shorty” Alcorn, “Tex” Brawley, Sgt. Holth, “Doc” Erickson, “Tumblin Bear”, Anderson, “Knuckles”, Jordan, Sgt. Culp, Sgt. “Joe”, Struna, and “Goober”.  I can picture in my mind others but, my memory of the names is vague. I would love to get in touch with any of these guys.