Operation Strong Eagle III


Thank you for bringing me into the 327th family with open arms. I hope to meet you all soon. Mr. Young has become a fast friend, and I look forward to many more meetings in the near future. I would like to share with you, and anyone else you wish to, a few insights into the current warriors of the 327th.

On 28 March 2011, No Slack conducted a mission called Operation Strong Eagle III. We were going after the Battalion’s #1 target. It was planned to last 24-48 hours, and ended up lasting 9 days. We lost 6 of our brothers. Below are two links.

This first one is to a published document through the Army’s Combat Studies Institute, which captures the actions of C/2-327th (CHAPTER 8: Objective Lexington – Cougar Company under Fire in the Ganjgal Valley).


The second link is to a documentary film that will be released this winter sometime which highlights Operation Strong Eagle III.


I think these types of things will bring our two generation’s warriors closer together. Thanks again for the warm welcome, and I look forward to breaking bread with you all shortly. God Bless.


Tye L. Reedy
Tactical Officer, Alpha Company
United States Military Academy Prep School