327th E-mail Address


327th E-mail Address with [email protected]

Pricing is for a one (year) subscription.



Special News for 327th Infantry Veterans,
Family & Friends
Now you can let everyone know your service with the 101st Airborne Division, 327th Infantry with your own personal 327th Infantry e-mail address. You can have your very own e-mail address on our mail servers that comes with many features including spam and virus protection services BEFORE the e-mail hits your desktop.
Imagine your friends and associates getting their e-mails from [email protected]. You can show your pride in your service and your support for our veterans by using and having your own 327th Infantry e-mail address!
·         Personal e-mail addresses
·         Professional Spam and Virus Protection
·         Quarantine for Spam E-mails
·         User Configuration for Spam Level Settings
·         Webmail For Retrieving E-mail When Away From Your Computer
·         Pride In Your Service
·         Support For Our Veterans
·         Support For The Upkeep Of www.327infantry.org  

Your very own personal 327 Infantry address, with all of the benefits shown above, is available for a small donation of only $25 per year. While checking out, look for the bold heading of Additional Information. Right under that you’ll see Order Notes. In the Order Notes box, put your requested ([email protected]) e-mail addy. Soon you’ll be sending and receiving e-mails using your own 327 Infantry account!

Now THIS IS IMPORTANT! Once you sign up for your 327 Infantry Addy, be watching for an e-mail from [email protected]. Check to ensure my commo hasn’t wound up in your spam filter/junk mail. IF you don’t get an e-mail from me within a few days, PLEASE e-mail me. I have important set-up information to give you. Okay . . . we good?

Not associated with the United States Army, the United States government or any of their agencies. The www.327infantry.org website is a veterans website operated by veterans of the 327th Infantry for the benefit of all 327 Infantry veterans, both past and present, and their families.