From ‘Nam With Love

From our own B Company, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Brother – RIP our brother!

Lloyd’s first book, entitled From ‘Nam With Love, is a compilation of profound words complimented by powerful artwork that together tell a unique story of human conflict that only a person who has experienced war could possibly describe. From ‘Nam With Love was first printed in June 2006.  The second printing, in October 2006, reflects the Military Writers Society Of America 2006 Gold Medal Award for Best Book Of Poetry, which Lloyd accepted in an awards ceremony in San Diego, CA. in October 2006.  The cover was redesigned to reflect this outstanding literary award.

Lloyd’s second book describes his day-to-day life and his experiences with his squad and the other soldiers he served with.  Lloyd reveals a different and sensitive perspective of his struggle as a person and as a soldier during his combat tour in the jungles and mountains of South Vietnam.  This book will be available in 2007.

Lloyd has been a guest speaker at elementary, junior, and senior high schools, and at Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day ceremonies in Lafayette, Louisiana.  He often shares his poetry and sometimes talks about the Vietnam War.  One of Lloyd’s poems, “A Veteran’s Plea” that is not found in From ‘Nam With Love, was published in conjunction with Veteran’s Day in the November 2001 issues of The Times of Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana and in The Brunswick News newspaper in Brunswick, Georgia.

Most recently, Lloyd’s article entitled “Combat Introspection” was featured in the December 2005, Yarnspinners and Wordweavers Newsletter .  He was also a cartoonist and regular contributor for Salute! Newsletter.  Lloyd was working on a third book about Vietnam and continued to create artwork depicting the Vietnam Era.  Prints of Lloyd’s artwork should be available.

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